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GoI approves Rs 2,256 crore project for GST integration

GST has opened up opportunities for businesses in over 160 countries

SAP India is ready with GST

What is External Service Management?

The main difference between Service Management and External Service Management is that Service Management provides services to the client while External Service Management is use for the procurement of services only.

Every Organization or Company need goods to complete its day today business needs. Besides these goods procurement, an organization may require occasionally some kind of services. These services will include small maintenance task like changing the lights, painting and housekeeping. These services are carried out by external contractors and hence the whole process of procurement of services is known as External service management.

 Important features about External service management
Services are meant for direct consumption instead of keeping them in inventory.Service description along with unit of measure is stored as master data in a record that is known as service master record.System stores the services that have been procured as a record in a sheet called as s…

SAP sees huge opportunity in GST, demonetisation

Module pool program can be called dialog programming

SAP-ABAP supports two types of programs - Report Program and Dialog Program. Module pool program can be called dialog programming. If ABAP program demands user input, Dialog programming is used.
Module pool program has different modules which contains different logic for different screen. Any number of screens can be developed by module pool programming. Every screen has a logic which runs at the back end. Module pool program can be executed by Transaction Code only.
Difference between Report and Dialog Programs
Report Program:
A report is a program that typically reads and analyzes data in database tables without changing the database.
Dialog Program:
A dialog program allows you to work interactively with the system and to change the contents of the database tables. Each dialog program has a certain sequence of screens that are processed by the system one after the other.
The Toolset The components of a dialog program are:
1) Transaction code
The transaction code starts a screen s…