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SAP S/4HANA for Supply Chain Value Drivers and Solution Enables

Rajesh Poojary VP Savic Technologoies +Info SAVIC
Reduce Revenue Loss Due To Stock-outs Real-time alerts based on current stock requirements with integrated decision support. Significantly  improved ATP via fast mass product availability checks for sales, planned and production-orders (all items of an order at once, releasing large production orders). Enhance on-time delivery performance by integrating pick, pack, and ship processes.
Reduce Days in Inventory Increase inventory turnover by making informed decisions based on accurate demand and supply data. implified data model resulting in increased throughput, flexible analytics at the most granular level and accuracy based on primary data.
Reduce Inventory Carrying Cost Leverage mobile inventory management and warehouse applications via SAP Fiori apps
Reduce Inventory Obsolescence Get the ability to automate warehouse operations with RFID and sensors with IoT framework for integration to manage just-in-time availability, unit handling, seria…

The How… different scenarios and migration paths Rajesh Poojari VP @savictechnologies

Rajesh Poojari VP @savictechnologies  One of the 5 pillars of S/4HANA is the choice of deployment. Both On-Premise as well as Cloud deployments are supported. In this blog you will gain an inside in the On-Premise deployment and migration scenarios.
S/4HANA 5 PillarsWhen you go for the On-Premise deployment option there are 3 options; a completely new installation, a system conversion or a landscape transformation.
A new installation is quite straight forward since no migration activities are necessary except from bringing in your balances, stocks, open items and other standard cut-over activities. In a system conversion scenario however, there are additional steps to perform which will be explained further on.
The best strategy for your company, either new install, conversion, cloud or On-Premise depends on the requirements and complexity of the current IT environment / SAP systems. After reading this blog you will get more insights in de system conversion options and acti…

Ensure a successful, seamless transition to SAP S/4HANA

Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation with help from SAP The digital economy is having a profound impact on the way you do business. In addition to creating new solutions for the digital era, we recognize that we must collaborate with our customers to help you make the most of these innovations based on your unique business needs and goals. Through our Digital Business Services organization and partner ecosystem, we are committed to helping you succeed by providing guidance at every stage of your digital transformation
Begin your journey to SAP S/4HANA Every enterprise is unique – with different starting points and end points. From implementing a net-new solution to digitizing an existing landscape in the cloud, on premise, or a combination of both, our experience spans enterprises of all sizes, all industries, and all technology processes for any deployment type. We will help you keep your business running while making a smooth transition to new solutions. 
Take the firs…