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Big word SALES: Digital Media

The selling of advertising space on digital platforms such as websites, blogs, digital magazines and other digital properties is known as Digital Media Sales. They are responsible for maximizing revenues through the sale of digital advertising space by working with clients to create effective campaigns that produce results while resulting in optimal revenue for the digital publisher or platform where advertising is placed.
Digital media sales is a complex process consisting of several components and factors including ad formats, bidding and measurement metrics such as conversion rate among others. It is even becoming possible to measure the impact of digital advertising on offline sales which is determining how exposure to digital ads has impacted buying behavior in the real world.
Challenges of Digital Media Sales:
Digital media sales is an industry facing disruption by programmatic buying or the automated process of purchasing advertising based on data driven processes. Technology h…

5 Reasons “Managed Cloud” Continues to Gain Momentum

Cloud has already reached mainstream status. That’s indisputable…IDC forecasts that private cloud spending alone will reach $40.6 billion by 2019. In fact, many industries view the cloud as their route to success in a fast-evolving marketplace. The industries now seeing the fastest rate of adoption are manufacturing, retail, and media.
To expand on this, a recent Aberdeen Group study found that 46% of Best-in-Class organizations are currently using some form of the cloud – a figure destined to climb in the coming years.
In short, moving to the cloud is no longer a revolutionary concept. How it’s done and maintained is the deeper question, and many businesses – large and small – are finding that dedicated solution providers make profound sense in the equation. They not only effectively manage IT infrastructure; these experts save time, money and resources, while enabling end customers to focus more exclusively on their primary core competencies.
“Managed cloud” is where …

New SAP Analytics Cloud Content for SAP Business ByDesign

We’re excited to announce the release of new pre-packaged analytics content for SAP Business ByDesign!

For months, our engineering teams have been working hard on a multi-faceted plan to tighten the integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with select SAP Analytics Cloud applications. These plans include an extensive cross-functional team focused on developing content and APIs for more than 20 applications.

Pre-packaged content is an excellent opportunity to extend native application reporting, with advanced, purpose-built analytics from SAP. Moreover, SAP Analytics Cloud content is free-of-charge, can be deployed as is, or can be fully customized to suit your needs.
Here’s what has been delivered for SAP Business ByDesign.
Financial Performance Easily visualize the performance of key financial metrics across your organization, with drill paths and filters which allow you to track profitability across regions and by product.
Procurement Track, spend, and maintain controls over time…