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Human Resources

Rajesh Poojary VP – International Business SAVIC Technologies 
Insight from Integration with SAP® RealSpend and SAP Financial Statement Insights Use new integration with the SAP® RealSpend solution and SAP Financial Statement Insights Web application to enjoy real-time understanding of your forecast while visualizing profit-and-loss account group balances. You can now layer planned future expenses over existing financial information and tag expenses for new dimensions of analysis. Armed with easy-to-access insights, you’ll have a better picture of your financial situation and be able to uncover trends and hidden irregularities behind aggregated key performance indicators.

Lease Accounting
Get structured insights into lease payments, duration, timing, and uncertainty of cash flows with direct finance integration with the new International Financial Reporting Standards–compliant expense lease accounting in the SAP Real Estate Management application. Reduce manual effort and risk of error when calculating and posting leases according to the planned new accounting standard from the International.

Accounting Standards Board and Financial Accounting Standards Board to support new principles of reporting on lease-related payments, contract durations, and uncertainty of cash flows. Create a full inventory of leases, assess net present values, and recognize leases as assets or liabilitieson the balance sheet.

Integration with Business Networks

Connect to business networks like never before. Finance can now take advantage of additional integrations with the SAP SuccessFactors® Employee Central Payroll solution and learning map, buyer  side Ariba® Invoice Management and Ariba Discount Management solutions, Concur® solutions, and SAP Fieldglass® solutions.

Reduce complexity with streamlined integration  and an improved user experience.

Simplified Environment
The SAP S/4HANA 1610 release simplifies human resources for both IT and business users. You can now simplify your IT environment with streamlined integration betweenSAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors solutions to support end-to-end business processes. Business users can now utilize object pages to present worker-related data for both employees and contingent labor forces. Additionally, users can take advantage of enhanced search capabilities to quickly find the information they need


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