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When it comes to addictions and the problem that come with them, it is difficult to draw a line on the genesis of the whole vicious matter especially when the victim is going through a destructive phase of the addiction cycle.While there are many forms of addictions, there are those that have defiantly been with the human race for the longest time such as drug and sexual types of addictions and the paper focuses on such types. Addictions in their nature affect the deepest parts of a human being such as the physical and psychological and since they have the potential of chaining the addicted person in ways that are uncontrollable and unhealthy, the need to come up with relatively correct information about their nature becomes imperative.

What is the exact nature of addictions, are they behavioral or genetic? There are divergent schools of thought concerning its nature and while one faction such as the doctors propose that they are caused by genetic and environmental factors, others including the psychologists and religious groups stick to the idea that they are purely behavioral and there exists no relationship whatsoever between genetic make-up and the resulting addictive inclinations.

Addiction is viewed by the medical practitioners and the psychologists to be a problem whether they call it a sickness or a pattern acquired respectively. What both parties agree upon is that addiction is a human problem that needs a solution or a way to set the victim in need of help free. Both factions come to an agreement too that there are ways through which the patient or the victim can receive healing or gain the freedom of being relieved from the problem. This has spawned different ways of overcoming addictions either medically or through programs that are founded on principles believed to transform a person. In the definition of an addiction, there is a consensus that the victim loses the power or the ability to control the urge to continually indulge in the destructive illness or behavior. It begins as a volitional encounter but as time goes by, the volitional aspect is destroyed and hence the victim remains chained in the uncontrollable loop.

Possible drawbacks
There exists an inherent problem when the doctors’ perspective on addictions gets the upper-hand in the battle of ideas. What is troubling with viewing addictions being caused by the amalgamation of genetic and environmental factors is the fear that it is a condition naturally acquired. This will cause the ‘patients’ to have doubts about their lineage, their ability to be cured and hence might cause others to own the problem and hence distort the morale and the desire to change for the better. As far as the psychologists’ perspective is concerned, there is a hope that is imparted on the victims because it thrives on the principle of transformation which everyone can achieve if they seriously desire. This therefore means that drawbacks on the psychological view point are close to null

Addictions are common problems that a lot people all over the world are struggling to overcome or to find permanent solutions. While there may be divergent points of view concerning the means to the end of the problem, what is most important is to focus on the full recovery of the patient or the victim without side effects and the uplifting of the lives that have been deprecated by the menace of addictions.


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