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The Human Resource

Throwing a little glance on the most inevitable aspect of any organisation.

Would like to say in fact on to the basic existence of the so called HUMAN BEING.As the saying goes every coin has got two sides, the nucleus HR too shall not be spared from the inevitable truth.

Being born in this world and been interacting with HOMOSAPINES both in personal and professional life, it’s deeply been sensed the ESSENCE of HR.

Its exclusively an observation all this while throughout the career so far, the HR supposed to be the most HUMANE by the act defies to extremities many a times by the propagation.

Ain’t a blame though, rather an area of in-depth introspective to be nurtured with no delay.

A strong belief which strongly carried and narrated till date shall strongly and simply touch the basic roots of the paradigm for the REAL HR PERSPECTIVE, and that’s  “THE PASSION”

We shall with no negotiation within whence would willingly sublime towards the PASSION within would with no prejudice WILL achieve and strive irrespectively the TAG we hold.

Namely HR or for that matter any profile which exists OR shall incarnate here in the coming era.


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