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Leader within me

What is Leadership

Leadership is the quality of individual to encourage the subordinates to work with confidence and enthusiasm. Motivational experts have to say that leaders are never born, leaders are made within. As a child we all were always been instructed by our parents for certain things saying you should not do this you should not do that. Later on the same things were been repeated in our school and colleges. We were been taught that we should follow instructions, become polite and humble to keep our corporate world smooth but nobody teaches us to become leader and self-reliant. Leaders are required to set a bright future vision for an organization which will encourage the other members of organization to work at. One of the renowned motivational speaker and also a former football player Keith Davis has said, “Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically. It is the human factor which binds a group together and motivates it towards goals”.

Characteristics of Leadership

  1. It is interpersonal process where an individual motivates, guides, and makes other work to obtain the desired goals.
  2. Leader is always involved to shape the behavior of colleagues to accomplish the goals.
  3. Leadership is always flexible. It changes according to the situation. There is no fix pattern of it.

Importance of Leadership

Leadership is the quality that has potential to influence behavior of others. No organization can work efficiently with lack of effective leadership because strong leaders help to increase the productivity of organization.Leadership plays a vital role in managing an organization and achieving its desired goals. Leader is a person who takes the initiative to plan and organize schedule to achieve goals. Leader plays important role of motivating subordinates with financial and nonfinancial rewards to get work done smoothly. Leader is always ready to guide and instruct subordinates to get work done more effectively. Leader plays important role of morale booster for co-ordinates. To become efficient leader you should always be self motivated because if you will be motivated than and only you will be able to motivate others to achieve goals.


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