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Neurohacking is just like computer hacking

Neurohacking is a form of biohacking that concentrates on the brain and central nervous system. It focus on the mind-brain interface. The intersection of neurology and consciousness. Neurohacking  involves applying science and technology to influence the brain and body in order to optimize subjective experience.

Neurohacking  cover everything from focused productivity to expanded creativity, more restful sleep, reduced anixety, enhanced empathy and anything else that contributes to the psychological well-being and emotional health of whole, thriving human beings. It is a process of guiding the nerous system through internal and external stimuli to respond in ways that are beneficial for a positive outcome.

Neurohacking  simply is neuroscience-based self-improvement and we do it to narrow the gap between the life we have and the life we want. Neurohacking teaches you how your brain works and how you can improve your mood and health. It is about ways of keeping mind healthy and your brain performing at its best. It maintain and improve your mental health and partly to avoid decline with age.

Neurohacking  is the practical to the theory of neuroscience. Neuroscience gives you knowledge as facts about the brain and mind and intelligence. Neurohacking  gives you knowledge as ability to use that information to improve yourself. 

What if its said that you only needed 30 minutes to:
1.       Improve your mood
2.       Increase working memory and attention span
3.       Double your productivity levels
4.       Feel more content

These all doesn’t need any supplement, nutrient or pills just neurohacking can help getting all the above mentioned things done easily.

The next frontier for the tech sector is the human brain. A new breed of neuro hacker is finding ways to capture and manipulate brainwaves to improve health with potential to help the severely handicapped.

The mind control headband unveiled by startup BrainCo effectively hacks into brain signals with a range of possible applications from helping to improve attention spans, to detecting disease, controlling smart home appliances or even a prosthetic device. You can turn the lights on or off just by focusing on that. 


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