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Big word SALES: Digital Media

The selling of advertising space on digital platforms such as websites, blogs, digital magazines and other digital properties is known as Digital Media Sales. They are responsible for maximizing revenues through the sale of digital advertising space by working with clients to create effective campaigns that produce results while resulting in optimal revenue for the digital publisher or platform where advertising is placed.

Digital media sales is a complex process consisting of several components and factors including ad formats, bidding and measurement metrics such as conversion rate among others. It is even becoming possible to measure the impact of digital advertising on offline sales which is determining how exposure to digital ads has impacted buying behavior in the real world.

Challenges of Digital Media Sales:

Digital media sales is an industry facing disruption by programmatic buying or the automated process of purchasing advertising based on data driven processes. Technology has changed the way ads are traded. Digital media sales defined reach many more buyers of inventory than a legacy direct sales team could. It is a numbers game.

Digital media sales professionals must be data-driven and technology-savvy in the modern digital media sales climate, capable of overseeing the programmatic component while still having essential relationship building skills for interfacing with clients.

Benefits of Digital Media Sales:

Digital media plays a critical role in shipping consumer buying behavior. From researching products and services through online reviews before making purchase decisions to price shopping, taking advantage of digital coupons and online discounts, finding local deals in the real world and calling local businesses directly from a digital ad using click to call capabilities, digital media has changed dramatically in the past several years.

Digital media has become interactive, adaptable, consumer-centric advertising that means consumers across touch point and caters to in the moment needs and desires. Digital media sales enables brands to monetize their digital properties.

Digital media sales is a complex field requiring professionals proficient in relationship sales coupled with the ability to learn and adapt to new technologies readily as technology is ever changing in digital media. Digital media moves fast.


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